Price Guide

As every stained glass job is unique and bespoke, the exact cost to the customer will vary.  It will depend on the complexity of the design, the number of pieces, the type of glass used, the number of site visits required etc.  After an initial consultation, customers often like to be able to choose from a range of designs. This obviously entails time spent at designing, which will form part of the overall price

The following guide should be helpful:

Door Panels

External or Internal Door Panels

92cm x 25cm / 3' x  10”

£560 - £1000 for the pair

Typical Fanlight

Typical Fanlight
(for above external or internal door)

76cm x 48cm / 2'6” x 1'7”

£480 - £790

Hanging Square Panel

Free-standing/hanging square panel

30cm x 30cm / 1 square foot

£100 - £300


Free quotes

Kate is happy to offer a no obligation, free quote if you have a project in mind.  Feel free to contact her to discuss your ideas and requirements